By contributing to our events and fundraisers, you are supporting programs that would not otherwise be at our school...  and we THANK YOU for that!

All the money raised by the OISPA is destined to fund events and activities throughout the school year, as well as to purchase equipment and fund ideas that enrich the school environment.


Below you can find a list of the projects, equipment and ideas we have supported in past years.  

For more information on how to apply for an allocation please visit our Allocations page.


NOTE: Projects in RED listed below are the result of a joint collaboration with OIS.

   2016 - 2017   

Additional levelled books in Primary

Augmented reality books

Playground Equipment

Science Models for Secondary

Outdoor planting areas and Equipment

Musical Equipment for Primary and Secondary

OIS branded Football and Basketball kits

Secondary Drama Production

Digital Science Club Equipment

Maths Quest Trophies

TOTAL: 137,000NOK
   2015 - 2016   

Counselor Resource Library 

Garden Supplies

Music Instruments UP and S

Soft Play PE Equipment

Secondary Drama Production

Library Sofas

Sculpture Casting

Audiovisual Equipment

Playground Equipment

TOTAL: 103,000NOK
   2014 - 2015   


Chicken Incubator

Drying Rack & Guillotines

Dual Language Books

Loop Arc Seating

Mountain Language

Music Instruments

Play Club Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment

Playground Swing

Podium for ceremonies

Primary Drama Production

School Orchestra

Science Equipment

Secondary Drama Production

Soft Play Equipment

Stage Light


TOTAL: 265,000NOK
   2013 - 2014   


Atomic Wall Clocks

Dual Language Books

IB Wine & Cheese Welcome

Pre-school Playground

Music Instruments UP and S

New Sinks Galley Kitchen

OIS Portfolio -  Literary Journal

PE Equipment

Secondary Drama Production

UP Drama Production

Y1 & Y2 Bicycles

Author for OIS Book Week

UP Play Equipment

Wireless Microphone System


TOTAL: 304,000NOK
   2012 - 2013   


Climbing Wall

Drama Follow Spot

Dual Language Books

Equipment for New Gym

IB Wine & Cheese Welcome

Habitat For Humanity Zambia Trip

Music Instruments for Primary

Music Instruments for Secondary

Nordic Network Vests

OIS Gymnasium

Santa Lucia Gowns

Science lab Equipment

Swimming Aids


TOTAL: 443,000NOK
   2011 - 2012   


Babysitting Course

Books for Classrooms R - Y2

Musical Instruments

for Primary Music Program

Games for Upper Primary

Habitat For Humanity Zambia Trip

Science Equipment

Library computer

Lino Printing presses

Multimedia Software

Outdoor Play Equipment

PE Equipment

Secondary Drama Production

Treadmill for basement training room

Video Camera


TOTAL: 290,200NOK