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A warm welcome to OISPA

All parents of a student at Oslo International School (OIS) are automatically part of the OIS Parents’ Association (OISPA) – there are no forms to fill out, no fees to pay!

OISPA's main focus is on building friendships through social activities and events, creating new ideas together for school fundraising events, and having a great relationship with the school. 

We communicate formally through this website, our Facebook page (OISPA), and the weekly OIS newsletter.

We would love it if you could spare some time to come to our meetings, learn what we are about, and what we are involved with.  Share your ideas and knowledge, and meet new people!  We're always willing to take any help and advice.  We hope you find the information here useful and that you feel inspired to become an active part of the OIS community, through our various events and programs. 


There is no better way to get to know our school and staff and your child's school environment, as well as the families that make up OIS!


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