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Overall Achievement Awards 2020 / 2021

The OISPA is happy to offer two awards of 15,000 NOK to students graduating from the IB programme in 2020, and who have attended OIS for at least for IB1 and IB2.


Each school year we award 2 overall achievement awards for outstanding pupils, both in academic and other areas of school life. We look to present the awards to students who have shown commitment to, participated enthusiastically in, and contributed to aspects of life at OIS and in the wider community. 

These students will also have established plans for the next year either in further education, or in a worthwhile gap year project.

Applications for the 2020-2021 school year open
January 21, 2020 and close March 31, 2020


Download application form here

  • Completion of the application form below (Don’t worry about repeating yourself, as some of the questions may necessitate repetition.) There is a maximum of 250 words per question. Please remember to answer all questions and email your completed application form to AWARDS at

  • Evidence of an offer for a place at an institute of further education, or clear plans for a gap year project.

  • Two reference letters, one of which should be from someone who is NOT on the staff of OIS, and is NOT a family member. Please arrange for these to be e-mailed to AWARDS at

  • It may be necessary for applicants to have a ten-minute interview with members of the OISPA Award Committee.


The OISPA may decide to make awards to more than two applicants, sharing the prize money accordingly, or to not to make any awards if the standard of applicants is felt to be too low.




Each criterion can get 1-5 points (5 being the best)

  • Does the candidate have clear plans for next year?

  • Is there evidence of appropriate preparation for their plans - e.g. correct subjects taken at IB, appropriate extra-curricular activities, practical planning?

  • Does the candidate have clear aims and objectives?

  • Level of commitment to school programme (academic – not necessarily high grades).

  • Contribution to school/wider community (including and beyond what is required by the IB CAS scheme).

  • Quality of answers to questions.

  • Support from references.



  • All applications will be reviewed and scored independently by a minimum of five members of the OISPA Awards Committee.

  • OISPA Awards Committee members may have a meeting with members of staff who know the candidates to canvas their opinions about the applications.

  • After considering all the information from the above steps, the OISPA Awards Committee will make the final decision on who will win the 2 awards.

  • Awards will be made on graduation day (mid May).

  • Awardees must sign a contract on receipt of the money, agreeing to report back to the committee on their use of the funds.

If you have any questions please contact  -

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