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Every year the OISPA proudly presents an extensive English language Book Fair!

A Book Fair is a great way to spread and encourage the joy of reading and spark excitement about new authors and topics to explore.  All of our primary and lower secondary students will have the opportunity to purchase the best new and classic English-language children’s literature at inexpensive prices, starting on Thursday, November 16 until Friday, November 17.


Book Fairs connect children to a wide range of books they like to read, including titles and authors that may not be found locally.  We will be offering award-winning titles, bestsellers, and new releases that get children excited about reading.


Children who read become lifelong learners.  By participating in our Book Fair, you’ll give your child the opportunity to discover the titles that will spark his/her interest and imagination!

Books are priced between 60 NOK - 180 NOK and each class will get the opportunity to come and purchase up to two books (initially), with their teacher on Thursday, November 16, during their scheduled time slot. 


After 15:00 on Thursday, November 16, students are welcome to return and purchase more books/ as many as they'd like.  Parents and staff are welcome to come and purchase for birthdays, Christmas, holidays, etc., AFTER 15:00 on Thursday, November 16.

Sales will continue all day Friday, November 17 (08:30 - 16:30) and are open to all. 


Cash, VIPPS and bank cards will gladly be accepted.

We hope to see you there!


Thursday, November 16 - 08:50 -16.30

Friday, November 17 - 08.30-16.30

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