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For children from 0 – 3 there are several options:


  • Babysitters’ referrals can be found through listings within the various clubs found in Oslo, local churches, and posted on the Information Board at School. The organization from which you can hire sitters is Oslo & Bærum Barnevakt Formidling, phone: 22 60 20 22


children 0-3
  • Dagmamma  (day mother) is a childminder who looks after your child in their own home, possibly together with their own children and or other children. To find a dagmamma place an advert in the local newspaper, the local supermarket, and the local helsestasjon (health clinic).

  • Barnehage is a kindergarten or nursery.  There are private and municipal barnehage. As it is common for both parents to work full-time, there can be a shortage of places. Generally places are allocated once a year.  If you are not successful, you are placed on a waiting list. can aid you in finding open places at a Barnahage near you.

  • Barnepark is where children aged 2 to 6 are supervised playing outside for 4 hours a day.  This is sometimes reduced to 3 in the winter. Again allocation of places takes place once a year.  It is however, easier to get a place in a Barnepark.  


OISPA maintains a list of senior pupils willing to undertake babysitting assignments on weekends and in the evenings. The PA funds First Aid training for these students.




Leo’s Lekeland is located in Baerum.  It offers a large indoor play area with slides, trampolines and a separate area for smaller children.  It is also a popular spot for birthday parties.  Grini Næringspark 8, 1361 Østerås. 


Child Planet is located at Colosseum Park in Majorstua. It is suitable for small children.


There is a ball park and play area. Middelthunsgate 21A, 0368 Oslo.  Phone: 23 33 06 44.  Open every day from 12.00-16.00

Sandvika Storsenter has a ball pool and play area for children aged 3-8.  It is situated on the ground floor. 

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