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Here are a list of Activities that have attended activity fairs in the past and other OIS students have attended.

American Football - Oslo Vikings

Email:  Web:

Art Club Emma Davis

Phone: 997 96 775  Contact: Emma Davis  Web:


Asker Figure Skating Club


Baerum Swimming Club - Classes for adults as well and triathlon

Contact: Victoria Corbett  Email:  Web:

Bajazz Ballet Studio

Phone: 936 69 999  Contact: Vibeke  Email:  Web:

Ballerud Golf

Phone: 478 82 473  Contact: Simon Page  Email:  Web:

Baseball Rud

Contact:Jeff James  Email:


Phone: 942 88 254  Contact: Kristin Pipoca  Email:

Den Norske Ballet DNBS

Phone: 908 36 330  Contact: Madaleine  Email:  Web:

Fossum Sports Club - Football, Alpine skiing, Ski jumping, Biathlon, XC Skiing, Orientation Run

Phone: 412 46 312  Contact: Tone Malm Meinich Hvam  Email:  Web:

Hot Bikram Yoga

Phone: 400 66 222  Contact: Joachim Skibenes  Email:  Web:


Contact: Mary Schoemann  Email:

ICON Gym Bekkestua

Phone: 984 48 858  Contact: Stian  Email:  Web:

Irish Dance

Contact: Mairi Fersuson  Email:

Jar Isforum - Curling, Skating and Ice Hockey

Phone: 936 77 777  Contact: Morten  Email:  Web:

Jardar IL - Sports Clubs - Football, Handball, Ski Jumping, XC Skiing, Gymnastics (from 40 and cycling.

Phone: 674 86 500  Email:  Web:

Kolsas Skiskole - Courses for Kids and Adults

Contact: Hanne Ebbesen  Email:  Web:

Krav Maga Academy -Martial Arts

Phone: 981 13 927   Email: 

Norsk Fottbalakademi

Phone: 936 98 470  Contact: Thierry Kopp  Email:  Web:

OHIL sports club  - Football, Skiing, Bandy, Soft/Baseball and Handball

Phone: 950 36 480  Contact: Kirsten Vanberg  Email:  Web:

Oslo Golf Club

Contact: Jan  Email:  Web:

Oslo International Music School

Contact: Lirica Yamase  Email:  Web:

Oslo Rock School

Contact: Miriam Martol  Web:

Oslo Skating at Frogner Stadion - Figure and Speed Skating

Phone: 924 62 445  Contact: Ingar Lae  Email:  Web:

Ostern Brug Horse Riding

Contact: Siri  Email: Web:

SATS Elixia - Gym

Phone: 951 88 043  Contact: Dennis Sundstrom  Email:  Web:

Shine Drama School

Contact: Lisa Stromme  Email:

Smagardistene - Stabaek Marching Band

Contact: David  Email: 

Stabaek IF - sports club - Football, Bandy (ice hockey), Handball and Alpine skiing.

Phone: 472 90 193 Contact: Michael Soderstrom  Email:  Web:

Stabekk IL - Stabekk Sports Club - Handball, Soccer, Skiing and Bandy

Email:  Web:

Stabekk Tennis

Phone: 948 83 618  Contact: Espen Foss  Email:  Web:

Stabekk Turnforening (gymnastics)

Phone: 924 72 727  Contact: Brenda Garbin  Email:  Web:

Tanum Riding School

Phone: 911 83 325  Contact: Ingvild Lillefjaore  Email:  Web:

Tryvann Skiskole - Alpine skiing, snowboarding and trick school

Phone: 988 42 002 Contact: Jenny Ann Fosse  Email:  Web:

Tyrving - Track and Field age groups from 6 - 18 years

Phone: 452 04 125  Contact: Matias Lavik  Email:  Web:

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