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This is a service where tickets to most cultural, entertainment and sports events can be purchased.  They may be reached at 81 53 31 33.  Tickets can also be purchased directly at most Post Offices.



Oslo Filharmonien, Haakon VII’s Gate 2, 0161 Oslo, phone: 23 31 50 00

Oslo Konserthus, Munkedamsveien 14, 0250 Oslo, phone:  23 11 31 00


Many churches also hold concerts. You can also contact the local musikskole (music school). See in the Yellow Pages.


Oslo Opera House - Det Norske Opera

Storgata 23, 0814 Oslo, phone: 23 31 50 00




Dronningens gate 16, 0152 Oslo. phone 22 47 45 89


Cinemateket is a cinema that focuses on classic films and contemporary alternative film. Many of the films shown at Cinemateket are imported to Norway just to be shown here.


In two well-appointed rooms (with 195 and 70 seats, respectively ), films are screened six days a week all year round. It hosts the annual documentary film festival EURODOK and 70mm Festival and works with the Films from the South festival, Queer Films and Oslo International Film Festival.




Sonja Henies place 2, 0185 Oslo, phone: 22 05 29 00, booking phone: 22 05 29 39


Oslo Spektrum  is a large venue for many different types of shows, musicals and concerts (mainly rock and pop). You can book tickets over the phone and then pick them up at the post office. If you don’t pick them up before the given date they are sold and you are not liable to pay. The website tells you what’s on and whether tickets are still available. Popular concerts and shows get sold out very early.




Theatre productions are almost always in Norwegian. Look under theatre in the yellow pages or look in the Aftenposten and Budstikka newspapers.


Det Norske Teatret

Kristian IVs gata 8, 0164 Oslo, phone:  22 42 43 44



Johanne Dybwads place 1, 0161 Oslo, phone:  22 00 14 00


Sandvika Teater

Kinoveien 2, 1307 Sandvika, phone:  815 11 777




There are many multiplex cinemas in Oslo, one in Sandvika, and one in Asker. Most films are shown in the original version with Norwegian subtitles except children’s films, which are dubbed into Norwegian. However, usually children’s films are shown in original version for a short period.  Look for the VO sign. You can book tickets over the telephone or online and pick them up an hour beforehand or upon arrival. For information on what’s on look in the Budstikka for Asker and Sandvika and Aftenposten for Oslo or look on the internet.


Oslo:  Look in the Aftenposten or go to, or


Sandvika Kino 

Kino1, phone: 820 00 008, 


Trekanten Kino - Asker  

Trekanten Shopping Centre, phone: 66 90 96 45, automatic booking: 66 90 96 71,

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