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FIRE 110



POISON CONTROL 22 59 13 00


Oslo 2800

Bærum or Asker 67 57 60 00



Both day and evening courses are available. 



Rosenhof Voksenopplæringssenter  

Dynekilsgata 10, 0569 Oslo

phone:  22 38 77 00, fax:  22 38 77 99


Folkeuniversitetet/Friundervisning i Oslo

Torggate 7, 0105 Oslo,

Phone:  22 47 60 00, fax:  22 47 60 01 



Akersgaten 16, 0518 Oslo,

Phone:  23 00 33 60,  



Folkeuniversitetet/Friundervisning i Bærum 

Gamle Ringeriksvei 1, 1369 Sandvika,

Phone:  67 52 91 00, fax:  67 59 15 83,   



Norway is a beautiful place to live with a lot to offer! Visit for links to attractions, museums, etc. provides tourist information on the rest of the country as well.



Embassies - Download a complete list of Embassies and Diplomatic Missions here.



At the Norwegian Directorate of Imigration (UDI), you can be issued a registration certificate (applies for EU/EEA nationals), submit documentation / have your residence permit implemented (applies for skilled workers, specialists, and their family members from countries outside the EU/EEA area), apply for a tax deduction card and in this case obtain a D-number, hand in notification of immigration and in this case obtain a national identity number.


If you live in Baerum, you may also be able to utilize the local police station (Bærum politistasjon, phone: 67 57 60 00, address: Kjørboveien 33, Sandvika) for submitting paperwork and obtaining residency documents.


The office accepts only electronic applications. Therefore, you must register your application and book an appointment at prior to your arrival at the centre.


In most of the cases you have to present yourself at the Service Centre or police station in person. Remember to bring valid identification documents and papers that prove the right of your stay and work in Norway. Such documents can be:


  • a valid passport or ID card that is recognized as a travel document in the Schengen area

  • an employment contract or certificate from your Norwegian employer (if you are working for a staffing agency, you have to submit an additional confirmation of the project that you are working on)

  • housing documents (proving rent or purchase of a place of residence in Norway)

  • documentation of marriage / family relationship (applies for family immigration)

  • evidence of professional competence (applies for nationals from the countries outside the EU/EEA area)

  • proof of income in Norway (applies for permanent residence/renewal)


Service Center for Foreign Workers Address:

Schweigaardsgate 17, Oslo (in the office of Skatt øst)

Opening hours:

From 15 September until 14 May: Monday - Friday 09:00-15:00

From 15 May until 14 September: Monday - Friday 09:00-14:30

The Police information desk: Monday – Thursday 09:00-11:30 (all year)




Opening hours:

Monday - Wednesday and Friday:  08.15 - 15.00 or 15.30

Thursday: 08.15 - 17.00

Saturday and Sunday:  Closed 


Norway has an efficient and well functioning banking system. The most common way to draw cash is by the use of a Minibank card (cash card /direct debit card), which is issued by all banks in Norway, with the pre-requisite that one has an account with the issuing bank. Debit cards are a common and useful form of payment and can be used in most shops, gas stations, etc. as an alternative to cash.


The most common ways to pay invoices are:

  • Brevgiro - the bank account number and signature is filled out on the invoice and the invoice is sent in a pre-paid envelope

  • Telegiro - payment is done via the telephone by use of a PIN code

  • Internet - payment is done via the Internet

  • Direct  - payment in the bank




Opening hours:

Monday- Friday:  08.00-17.00

Saturday:   09.00-13.00

Sunday:  Closed 


Local post offices have responsibility for delivering and holding mail and packages for their specific area. The mail will be distributed from the local area post office.  Packages that are too large for the domestic mailbox must be picked up in person at the local post office upon issue of a standard notice left in the postbox. In case of extended travel, the local post office can be informed and for a fee will hold all post deliveries until a specified date.  Another possibility is to have the mail forwarded or relayed to another address in Norway. Visit the website at

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