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Stores in Norway are not open on Sundays and days of and surrounding major holidays with the exception of some small grocery stores and gas stations. Hours on Saturday may be shorter. Longer hours are typical for Thursday evening.



Multiple options including Coop, Kiwi, Meny, Rema 1000, ICA, and Smartclub (sells larger quantity items but some everyday items may be more expensive). Expect to pay for bags unless you bring your own. Standard grocery supplies and beer.


Wine and liquor. Close locations in Sandvika and Bekkestua.

Hours Mon-Wed 10-17

Thurs 10-18

Fri 9-18

Sat 9-15



Open 24/7



Large indoor complexes with a variety of stores from grocery to clothing

OSLO - CC Vest Center

BÆRUM - Sandvika Storcenter 



IKEA - Nesbruveien 40, 1396 Billingstad (and other locations)

SKEIDAR - Vogellund 31, 1394 Nesbru (and other locations)

JERNIA - CC Vest and Sandvika Shopping Centers (and other locations)



Bauhaus, Gjellebekkveien 1, 3420 Lierskogen; 

Biltema - Rudsletta 66, 1351 Bærum (and other locations)

Clas Ohlson - Sandvika Storesenter (and other locations)



Ark, Norli. Most stores will have a small English section. You can also order online at and will not pay import taxes on books



Sunkost, Sandvika Storcenter



Seasonal flea markets popular in the spring and fall. For a list of upcoming loppemarkeds in Oslo and Akershus click here.



Svinesund is 1 and ½ hours southeast of Oslo. It is worth an occasional trip for savings on meats, cheeses, etc. There are several grocery options just across the border. 

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