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Be Seen - Use a Reflector!
Sales of OIS Branded Refleks items will be sold online between Monday, November 8 - November 26, and in-person at the Winter Sale (Wednesday November 10 and at Book Fair Thursday November 18 and Friday November 19.)

Reflective Day (Refleksdagen) is a Norwegian national campaign that is held the third Thursday of October each year. The aim of the day is to increase the use of reflectors, and to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents. 


Since 2011 the OISPA has joined the ongoing campaign by selling an assortment of reflective gear (key chains, safety vests, reflector magnets, etc.) that we hope students, staff and parents will wear, not only to and from school, but also when walking, playing or biking outside of school hours during the fall and winter months.


Please note:

  • Even if you see the car, the motorist does not see you if you go without reflectors in the dark. 

  • Reflectors reduce the risk of being hit by 85%

  • You need reflectors even though there is street lighting. 

  • Reflectors should hang at knee level to receive the most light from the headlights. 

  • Reflector are a consumable, scratches weaken the reflection. 

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