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Oslo’s public transportation system is easy to use. It includes trains (tog), subways (T-bane), streetcars (trikk), buses (buss), and ferries. Schedules and maps can be found at


Tickets can be purchased most easily through the RUTER phone app. They can also be purchased at larger stations and from automated machines at some stops. You can buy a ticket on board from a conductor car as well. Multi trip cards or monthly passes can also be purchased for a discount. These cards/passes can be bought at Post Offices, 7- Elevens and Narvesens.

Norwegian State Railways (NSB) serves Oslo and longer routes throughout Norway. They have an information office at the Oslo Central Station (Oslo S), located at the eastern end of Karl Johans Gate - Jernbanetorget 2, phone: 81 50 08 88 



Oslo Phone: 02323

  • To order a taxi immediately for up to 4 passengers Press #1

  • To order a taxi for a later pickup time/even the next day Press #2

  • (This is a good option for taxis needed during busy hours)

  • To order a Maxi-Taxi for more than 4 people Press #4


Asker/Bærum Phone: 06710



Oslo Gardemoen - OSL

This is the major international airport of Oslo.


To help you get to and from the airport there is a very efficient rail express train service called Flytoget. This operates between Drammen and Gardermoen stopping at major stations along the way. This is a different ticket than the Ruter ticket described above.


There are also express coach services run by Flybussekspressen, which cover three different routes to the airport. 


Torp - TRF  

Many flights leave for Scandinavia, Europe and other parts of Norway from Torp. The Torp Express is the airport bus between Oslo city center, Drammen, Sandefjord and the Torp Airport. The bus also stops at Sjølyst, Lysaker, Høvik and Asker. Torp airport is located approximately 110km southwest of Oslo.


Rygge - RYG

Inexpensive European airline Ryanair flies out of here. The Rygge Ekspressen is the bus between Oslo Bus Terminal and Rygge Airport. 



  • Color Line offers various routes between Germany and Norway and between Denmark and Norway 

  • DFDS Seaways has daily departures between Copenhagen and Oslo with a 16 hour overnight voyage

  • Stena Line has daily departures between Oslo and Fredrikshavn, Denmark. Crossings taking 10.5 hours 

  • Hurtigruten sails along the western coast of Norway from Bergen to Kirkenes, north of the polar circle 

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