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A very good Internet site for all the main resorts is Skiinfo. This will give you specific details of the resorts as well as up to date weather reports, how many slopes are open, snow depths and much more.  The site is in English.


There are several ski centers in the Oslo area:

Oslo Winter Park (formerly Tryvann) 

Oslo-area's largest ski resort, consisting of 18 slopes and 11 lifts. There is a terrain park in Hyttli area, cruising slopes in Tryvann, slopes for children and beginners, and challenging slopes and a 6-seat express lift in Wyller. Oslo Winter Park is open whenever the snow conditions are good enough, usually from November/December to April. Special opening hours during Christmas and Easter.

  • Tryvann: Chairlift, Tårnbakken (green / 900 metres), Tryvannskleiva (red / 400 metres)

  • Hyttli: Chairlift, 4 slopes (blue / 214-830 metres), terrain park, halfpipe, rails and jumps

  • Vestkleiva: T-bar lift, cross trail (blue / 500 metres), ski-cross/boarder-cross (jumps, bumps etc.)

  • Wyller: 6-seat express lift, 4 runs (black / 1300-1550 metres), Olympic-size super pipe

  • Tommkleiva: 2 bowl lifts, Little Slope, Central Kleiva Tommkleiva (green / 200 metres)

  • Beginners' area

  • Ski School and private lessons

  • Enhanced snow-making equipment, online webcam and online weather/snow report

  • Oslo Winter Park offer great package prices for school children. 


Kolsås Skisenter  

Is located on the east side of Kolsåstoppen, 10 minutes from Bekkestua. It is the largest resort in Bærum.

  • Slopes for the whole family.

  • 2 parallel lifts (one T-bar and a bowl lift). 

  • Covered conveyor belts for children and beginners. This is free.

  • Terrain for young and old

  • Ski School

  • Free Parking


Kirkerudbakken Ski

Borkenveien 4, 1339 Vøyenenga. phone: 67 13 33 68 / 67 13 04 32

  • Resort with a variety of slopes for all skill levels

  • 3 lifts, including 2 button lifts and 1 t-bar lift. Total of 4 runs.

  • Big nice children's area, terrain park with rails and jumps and halfpipe.

  • Free parking spaces. 


Oslo Skisenter

  • Grefsenkollen - 1 hill, 1 lift, illuminated

  • Trollvannskleiva - 1 hill, 2 lifts, illuminated


Ingierkollen Slalåmsenter

  • 1 hill, illuminated

  • Ski School

  • Ski rental


There are several larger ski centres within a few hours of Oslo including Hemsedal, Trysil, Nordfjell, Geilo, Hurdal, and Kongsberg. For further information contact Skiforeningen in Oslo (the Skiing Association) at 22 92 32 00 or visit their website. Note: Children should wear helmets.




There are more than 2,000 km of prepared tracks for cross-country skiing and  details of ski course for both adults and children (taught in English), phone: 22 92 32 00, website: 




Look out for the skipakke deals.  This is where skis, boots, and bindings are sold together. Also, look out for sales of second hand equipment. Heming sports club in Slemdal has a large sale of second-hand and new winter sports equipment each year – usually on the last weekend in October.  But check the club’s website for details.




Voksenkollen Stasjon

Tryvannsveien 2, 0394 Oslo, phone:  22 13 95 00   




Contact Skiforeningen in Oslo (the Skiing Association), phone:  22 92 32 00   





Frogner Stadion

Kingos 70C, 0457 Oslo, phone:  22 55 89 94.

Note: Skate rental is available.



Seilduksgata 30, 0553 Oslo, phone:  22 35 55 52



Jordal Ungdomshall

Jordalgt 12, 0651 Oslo, phone:  22 68 05 32

Sundays, September-March, skate rentals


Narvisen, Spikersuppa

Next to Karl Johan Gate,

November-March, skate rentals


Valle Hovin

Inspurten 1, 0663 Oslo, phone:  22 65 67 67 

October-March, skate rentals



Stavangergata, 0467 Oslo, phone:  22 23 65 13



Note: Many of the schools in your area will freeze their playgrounds for skating.



Askerhallen Ishall

Bragesvei 2, 1387 Asker, phone:  66 78 06 10


Bærum Ishall

Hauger Skolevei 5, 1351 Rud, phone:  67 15 00 77


Holmen Ishall

Wogellund 20, 1394 Nesbru, phone:  66 84 83 85


Manglerud Ishall

Plugvei 22B, 0681 Oslo, phone:  22 27 13 67




Korketrekkeren (Corkscrew) is located at Holmenkollen. You can rent luges or bring your own sledge. Take the Frognerseter tram number 1 to the end station. Rent sledges from the red house. Sledge all the way down to Midtstuen and take the tram up again. This is a great activity for families. Kids should wear helmets.   Visit Akeforeningen for more information. 

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